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Yelawolf – Best Friend ft. Eminem

Yelawolf – Best Friend ft. Eminem




Cual de esta dos bebidas prefieres mas? Pepsi o coca cola?

Solo tienes que seleccionar tu bebida y dejar tu correo electronico Esta encuesta aplica solo en USA

pepsi or coke



brother the lord will allow circumstances to take place to get a reason do not claim they have been through lots absolutely no lame excuses My spouse and i been trough material on the other hand will not likely give in
can certainly someone explain what the lyrics necessarily mean?I do think i understand these, however i would like a person’s imput on which they believe this means
No person might be going to look at this,
on the other hand learn at least one or perhaps couple obtain it with your heart to see me personally out and about?!
I’m a rap artist. I know theirs countless numbers even perhaps a lot of those involved with the globe and not lots of with desire, devotion & a passion for the game.
I haven’t got dollars regarding amazing videos as well as plenty of Vimeo advertisement, in order that all internet marketing still having is actually feedback to show the tunes.
In case you skip old style Eminem, Vimeo Danny Florio Mental faculties connected with Einstein. They looks like Eminem coming from 98 with many SSLP crap in addition to raps concerning obtaining Einstein’s head from a laboratory just to find out it absolutely was in the head whole time.
The reason will not likely Eminem go the particular  aside? Your own music stinks right now ones from the dope, proceed be alcohol free as well as satisfied someplace else as this s*it stinks….much like the s*it along with Rihanna(enter look at)…much like every little thing off of Relapse and also Healing. Get the particular f*ck out. We the idea, youre alcohol free however you are even now creative. Cool. Today GTFO. We have nothing to declare with regards to Yelawolf, aside from I would like to conquer your pet within the tooth 6 or 7 instances. I not really know exactly who learns your music in addition to thinks anything at all in addition to “Well that is Some units I am not going to get once more. We should’ve slain myselfno, My spouse and i should have were built with a V8…doing this the particular reddish colored juice caught up to help my gum area would not be your blood from surgically doing away with my own the teeth to avoid the genuine ache coming from the eardrums”. I dispise Eminem for which he or she is become, and